OnMyPlate.co.uk is a collection of recipes that would have otherwise been forgotten. Whenever I cook a dish more than once, I can never remember what I tweaked the first time! OnMyPlate.co.uk is a replacement for an underused and disorganised notepad. Anything of edible interest; recipes only for now, but perhaps more later


I'm Alistair - a software engineer by day, an amateur foodie in spare moments.

Rachel is chief tester. After a fair amount of convincing that I won't have a meltdown I get an honest opinion on whether a dish is fit for OnMyPlate.co.uk.

Alistair and Rachel

The "Studio"

This venture started when I was a student! My thrifty setup is bodged together using:

  • 1 Desk
  • QualityLighting™ - 2 portable 400W site lights
  • 2 salvaged softbox panels
  • 1 Sony Alpha A290
  • 1 white table cloth

The Site

Slightly less bodgy, but still thrifty! A lot of components power this site, here are a few of interest: